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Whether you're an inpatient or outpatient, find out what to expect when you come to the Sleep and Ventilation Centre.Admission and inpatient stay

Planned admissions for set up or adjustment of home non-invasive ventilation are arranged by our ventilation business manager. You will be given an admission date and time to attend the unit. 

Please bring a small bag with overnight clothing, toiletries and day clothes. 

If you are already on ventilation please bring your ventilator mask and tubing.

Your stay 

When you arrive your history will be taken by the ward nursing team and the doctor. 

You may have investigations performed such as breathing tests, a chest x-ray and bloods may be taken. 

Your first night may be to perform sleep tests to help us better understand your condition. 

If these have already taken place at home, you will normally meet the specialist physiotherapists who will assess you, introduce you to a selection of masks and commence the treatment or adjust your settings if you are already on treatment.

Length of stay, elective admissions for set up or adjustment of ventilation are anticipated to take between one and five nights depending on your specific condition and the time it takes to optimise treatment. Length of stay is always kept to a minimum but it is often difficult to predict exact length of stay. We will keep you informed of an expected discharge date during your admission.

Meal times are 8am, 1pm and 5pm

Outpatient appointments

Once set up on long term ventilation, you will be reviewed at regular intervals by the ventilation team. 

We will write to you telling you when your appointment is and where to attend. Please bring your ventilator and masks with you so we can assist you during your visit with any problems you may be having. 

Having you equipment helps us to understand how well your machine is working for you as we can take information from the machine about how it is supporting your breathing.

How often we see you in clinic will depend on your condition and how quickly it changes, and on how well you are feeling on the ventilator. 

In clinic you may be seen by one of our specialist doctors or physiotherapists, or by both.​​​

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