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What is Clinical Health Psychology?

Clinical Health Psychology is a specialism within Clinical Psychology, focusing on the planning and delivery of interventions to affect positive change and improve coping in relation to physical health problems or illness.

Who we are

Our team is made up of psychological practitioners who specialise in the assessment and treatment of psychological difficulties (e.g. coping difficulties; emotional difficulties; and difficulties coming to terms with the situation faced), that can all often be experienced when living with ill health or chronic physical health problems, adding to the disability experienced.

Meet the Team

Our team of qualified clinical psychologists are all registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council

Head of Clinical Health Psychology Services, Dr Mark Griffiths C. Psychol AFBPsS - Lead Consultant Clinical Psychologist.

Professional Lead & Head of Psychology

Further members of the team include:

  • Dr Vicky Molyneaux, Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Róisín Cunningham, Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Will Curvis, Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Emma Weymouth, Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Suzanne Crozier, Clinical Psychologist
  • Alexandra Boughey, Assistant Psychologist
  • Lewis Langford, Assistant Psychologist
  • Louise McGarvey, Personal Assistant

Where we provide services

As a clinical department of Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, we currently provide specialist clinical input into a variety of medical services, across the hospital Trust

The majority of our services are delivered within the hospital or within community clinics linked to Aintree Hospital services

We also provide and support a range of specialist clinical services in partnership with other local Acute Trusts and CCGs, across external sites and localities

What we do

Our aim is to help patients to achieve the best possible medical outcomes in living with and managing their illness or medical condition

Living with physical health problems and chronic health conditions can not only impact on general well-being but can also commonly affect how people feel and cope with many aspects of life (for example, how they feel about themselves; about work, relationships; their future etc).

We thus offer a variety of support and treatment options, aimed at helping patients to cope, adjust and manage the many difficulties (both physical and emotional) that can arise when facing serious illness, long term health problems or physical trauma.

We can help people move forward in the face of such problems by providing one-to-one treatments, family sessions, group treatments, telephone support or by working closely with the medical teams, providing their medical care.

We also work closely with medical teams, supporting them in their medical care of patients.

The specialist services we provide includes the following:

  • Specialist assessments and clinical opinion to inform diagnosis and treatment planning

  • Psychological intervention and  therapies to facilitate improved emotional adjustment (to living with health difficulties or illness faced), reduced stress in the face of illness and improved condition management

  • Cognitive rehabilitation following health event or injury

  • Consultation, advice or training to medical teams (to support optimal medical outcomes)

Clinical Services we provide across Aintree Hospital medical services 

Our service currently provides the following services, specifically: 

Aintree Hospital-based services

Diabetes Psychology Service

Providing specialist assessment and psychological treatments, delivered 1-1 or via community-based groups. Also supporting clinical management on wards, as required

Behçet's Psychology Service

Supporting enhanced MDT care within 1 of 3 national Behcet’s Disease Centres, through providing specialist assessment and 1-1 psychological treatments and ward-based guidance and care input, as needed.

Nephrology Psychology Services

Providing specialist assessment and psychological treatments, delivered 1-1 or via community-based groups. Also supporting clinical management on wards, as required.

Prosthetic and Wheelchair Psychology Service

Supporting enhanced MDT care within the specialist regional service, providing routine specialist assessment and access to 1-1 and group-based psychological treatments. Ward-based guidance and care input, also provided, as needed.

Stroke Psychology Service

Providing specialist psychological input to support diagnosis, MDT management and treatment of cognitive and emotional rehabilitation needs, across the hospital stroke pathway. Involving support and delivery of rehabilitation across ward and outpatient settings (delivering specialist 1-1 treatments and access to group-based interventions).

Respiratory/ Ventilation Psychology Service

Providing specialist ward-based assessments and treatments, to support enhanced ward MDT care; also providing 1-1 out-patient interventions to help condition adjustment and management.

Major Trauma Psychology Service

Providing ward-based specialist psychological input to support diagnosis, MDT management, acute rehabilitation and onward care planning of cognitive and emotional rehabilitation needs, following major trauma admission.

Accident & Emergency (Long Term Condition) Psychology Service

Providing specialist psychological assessment, staff consultation and direct patient interventions (1-1), to support the treatment of acute medical symptoms affected by psychological factors.

The service focuses on supporting enhanced MDT care planning, management and treatment of patients presenting with problems relating to long-term conditions, pain problems or medically unexplained symptoms, where psychological factors such as stress or anxiety can be identified as playing a role.

Accessing our hospital-based services

  • Under existing arrangements, our service is able to support patients (and medical teams, in their support of patients), across the medical areas listed above

  • Patients must be under on-going Aintree Hospital medical Consultant-led care or medical follow-up to be referred (with the  exception of the A&E Psychology service)

Specialist Community Services

Liverpool ESD service for Stroke

We support the Liverpool ESD service for Stroke, providing specialist psychological input as part of the multi-disciplinary team. Supporting enhanced MDT rehabilitation of stroke patients returning home, following ward discharge. Working in partnership the Royal and Broadgreen Hospitals, in delivering this service across Liverpool.


Ashton, Wigan & Leigh Weight Management Services

Clinically supporting the psychological staff within the multi-disciplinary team.

Further General Information

The Department can be contacted directly regarding any inquiries, via Louise McGarvey (Medical Secretary/PA):


0151 529 3251 / Fax: 0151 529 3063

Clinical Health Psychology Services
Department of Clinical Psychology
Ferndale Unit
Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Lower Lane
L9 7AL

  • Dr Mark Griffiths, Consultant Lead Clinical Psychologist

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