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  Thursday, November 8, 2018

Porter moves mountains to help patient

AMU Porter, David Rutherford, was presented with a Special Recognition Award, after he went the extra mile to help a patient find their mobile phone.

The patient was distraught to discover they had misplaced their mobile, which contained photos of their grandchildren and other cherished memories.

David, who has worked at Aintree for five years, believed the device was caught up in the patient’s bed sheets during a linen change – he then proceeded to search multiple laundry bins and eventually reunited the mobile with its owner.

Chief Nurse, Diane Brown, presented an overwhelmed David with his trophy.   

Porter Services Manager, Tony Claro, nominated David for this award, after the patient was loudly singing his praises. Tony said: “David is the embodiment of the Trusts common purpose of getting it right for every patient every time. He is a pleasure to manage and be around. Our team and Aintree would not be the same without him.”

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