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Diagnosed with breast cancer at 35, I feared the worst. I had lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy at Aintree and I’m now two and a half years with no evidence of disease. Every single person I encountered at Aintree was a genuine gem. Surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses, volunteers, blood takers, porters and cleaners, thank you. – Nicki Davies

On Sunday 30 April 2017, I had a severe Asthma attack. Ward staff and the A&E and Resus teams were amazing. Each and everyone of you was so compassionate and caring and because of this I have now started working in Aintree as a Health Care Assistant and I absolutely love it! - Cathy McKenzie

I was admitted in January 2014 with a blockage in my bowel. It was touch and go for a while but the staff were incredible, especially those of ward 4. Having three months at Aintree, ward 4 became like a family to me. The NHS does not get the credit it deserves, I owe them my life. Thank you and happy 70th birthday. – Donna Hoy

I began my nursing career at Aintree Hospital, then Walton Hospital, in the Emergency Department in February 1980. I worked at Aintree until 2000 and loved every minute. My children were delivered there and I still have many friends who work at the site. I now live in New Zealand and still work in an Emergency Department all because of the love I found for nursing at Aintree. It truly is a great place to work. – Sue Lamb

I spent the majority of last year in Aintree having been rushed in with sepsis. A lovely sister called Louise took care of me, nothing was ever too much trouble, and she went beyond her duties. Following this, I then discovered I had a stag horn calculus and a huge abscess had burst my kidney, it was a very traumatic time. I went on to have five procedures and I would like to thank the nurses and Mr Elfar on ward one for saving my life. – Victoria Jane

My grandad was a regular known by everyone at Aintree, from the tea lady to the doctors and everyone in-between. He regularly attended A&E and was greeted with: “Hello Mr Anten, are you back again?” When the family got the final call to say he wasn’t going to make it we rushed to the hospital. We found three doctors waiting for us who wanted to pass on their condolences and share funny stories about grandad’s antics. They told us he which got his entire ward and the doctors to sing while they were doing their rounds and was often caught hiding cakes behind the curtains for him to eat later. Forever grateful for what Aintree did for my grandad. – Karen Nolan

My dad was admitted to Aintree at the end of September last year with a blocked bowel. Four days later his bowel burst and the doctors fought to save his life. Dad was placed in intensive care for about six days following the incident, where it was discovered he had sepsis and that was some battle again. Today, my dad is fit and well at the age of 72. The family cannot thank Aintree enough. – Deborah Maher

Aintree Hospital is amazing, the care and professionalism is tenfold. Ward 21 delivered first class care to my husband, Helenor, Jo and Joanne are the most professional Podiatrists I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with, the Diabetes Centre is simply the best and Mr Butcher is just amazing. - Les

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