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From 16 July, a new car parking system will be introduced at Aintree.

The new system will replace the out-of-date equipment that is currently on site, which frequently breaks down and does not support all payment methods.

The new system will be a ticketless, pay-on-foot system, which utilises number plate recognition. It will see the introduction of barriers to the entrances and exits of car parks across the site.

Car parking prices will not be impacted as a result of the new system being implemented.

What does this mean for patients and visitors?

This means that visitors will no longer receive a ticket when entering the car park. Instead, their number plate will be registered by the system and they will pay before they leave by keying their number plate into one of a number of new machines. Once they have paid, they can exit via a barrier. All car parks will have an exit barrier, which means that visitors will not run the risk of driving away without paying and later receiving a fine.

First phase of changes

The first car parks where the new system will be implemented are Car Park One, Multi Storey Car Park and the Short Stay Car Park next to the Multi Storey Car Park on Monday 16 July.

Plans for the future

It is planned that the new system will be rolled out across all car parks on site over the summer. Progress on these plans will be communicated to staff ahead of any changes.



What are the changes?

We are introducing a ticketless system where all car parking areas will have barriers installed. The new car park barriers will let all cars enter, however, all cars must have paid to exit – either as an employee through the general office, or through the payment machines.

Additional, up to date, payment machines will be introduced throughout the site.

Will the new system have any impact upon how much I’m charged for car parking?

No, all car parking charges for patients, visitors and staff will remain the same.

Is there a charge for parking overnight?

Charges are the same 24 hours a day.

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