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  Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The latest survey of diabetic in-patients revealed a higher than average performance for those receiving care at Aintree Hospital.

The audit, which was carried out by Aintree’s diabetes team as part of the National In-Patient diabetes audit with the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership, included questions on self-management, meal choices, staff knowledge and overall diabetes care.

  • 85% of patients were satisfied, or very satisfied with diabetes care, compared with the national average of 83.7%.
  • 68% thought staff had a good knowledge of diabetic issues, compared to the national average of 65%
  • 81% of Aintree patients said they received suitable meals at appropriate time slots, compared with the national average of 64%
  • 61% felt their meal choices were suitable for diabetics, compared to the national average of 55%

Maureen Wallymahmed, Diabetes Nurse Consultant, said: “We’re delighted that our patients have given us such good feedback, in many cases rating us above the national average for diabetes care. There is always room for improvement and the survey will help us identify areas for development.”

A rolling programme of training for staff is in place at Aintree to improve the understanding and care of those with diabetes.

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