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Aintree is joining the nationwide campaign to combat deconditioning – the process of physical deterioration due to bed rest. It is particularly serious for elderly patients, who may be closer to becoming immobile, vulnerable to falls and at greater risk of losing independence. 

The social media campaign #endpjparalysis was launched by Brian Dolan from the University of Salford in early 2017, in a bid to raise the issue of deconditioning during hospital stays. The campaign encourages patients to wear their own clothes, rather than pyjamas, to carry out everyday activity, rather than bed rest in hospital. 

Lisa Roberts, Clinical Business Manager for the Department of Medicine for the Elderly/Stroke, said: “Bed rest causes loss of muscle strength which can take twice as long to repair as it did to deteriorate.  It’s important to encourage patients to continue with their home routines of getting dressed and washed, going to the toilet and walking around.”

Lisa added: “We are having a day of action wearing our pyjamas to work.  Colleagues should understand the feeling of vulnerability our patients experience when they don’t get dressed during hospital stays.”

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