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A new report by Bowel Cancer UK has singled out teams at Aintree for praise after they led the way in caring for patients with advanced bowel cancer.

Advanced bowel cancer (also known as stage four, secondary or metastatic disease) is when the cancer spreads from the bowel to other parts of the body, most commonly the liver or lungs.

In 2012 Aintree became the first hospital in the UK to use a multi-disciplinary approach to looking at cases of advanced bowel cancer.

This means specialists who have the range of expertise needed to effectively manage and treat every aspect of advanced bowel cancer come together to discuss each patient’s care and ensure all treatment avenues are explored.  

Aintree provides a central referral point for all patients with advanced bowel cancer in Cheshire and Merseyside, North Wales and the Isle of Man.  

Bowel Cancer UK’s new report, called Get Personal – Unlocking treatment and care for people with bowel cancer, hopes to make use of multi-disciplinary teams more widespread as one of a number of ways to improve care for patients with advanced bowel cancer.

Mr Stephen Fenwick, Consultant Hepatobiliary Surgeon at Aintree (pictured left), said: “The evidence is clear. The involvement of specialist surgeons in treatment decisions can increase the chance of advanced bowel cancer patients being offered potentially curative treatment options. This can lead to patients’ lives being extended or even cured. To deliver the best outcomes for patients we need to establish and formulise advanced bowel cancer multi-disciplinary teams to ensure no patient misses out on the best life-saving treatment options.”

For more information visit Bowel Cancer UK’s website here.

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