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Aintree is currently joint top in the EU for recruiting patients for a worldwide liver therapy trial.

The Hepatology Research team and Intensive Care Unit are among just eight sites in the UK participating in the ELAD trial and one of forty-two sites worldwide.

The trial aims to help treat patients with acute alcoholic hepatitis, a common condition in Liverpool which carries a very high 1-year mortality as well as significant morbidity.

The treatment referred to as ELAD, an investigational human cell-based liver support system, is provided in Aintree’s intensive care unit over five days, with long term follow-up outpatient appointments.

Dr Cyril Sieberhagen, Consultant Gastroenterologist, said: “We were selected to be part of this trial based on our excellent performance in recruiting into previous trials in alcohol related liver disease and we are confident that this will continue with the current trial  The ELAD trial is an excellent opportunity to further research in this area and it puts Aintree at the forefront of managing a condition which carries such a high one-year mortality rate. Hopefully the work we carry out as a team can make a positive impact.”

For further information regarding ELAD at Aintree please contact Specialist Research Nurse Sarah Stevenson on 0151 529 6620 or email sarah.stevenson@aintree.nhs.uk

For further information regarding research at Aintree please contact Research and Development on 0151 529 5879 or email research.development@aintree.nhs.uk

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